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How to See Gods Constant Love

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There was a time, I felt really bad due to the circumstances around me. The devil put horrible questions in my mind, one of which was: “Is God good?” These questions were in my head for about two days. The first day, I did not give any response. On the second day my reply was, “I do not know.” Of course, emotions overwhelmed my judgment. This is because God is forever good. It is His nature.

Even more wonderful is the fact that God’s goodness and love were expressed in a singular act. This can be seen in his death, burial and resurrection on the cross of Calvary to cleanse us from our sins and make us justified before God. Let’s see Romans 5:8,

“But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

How We Do Not See God’s Love vs How We See God’s Love

On this note, His love cannot be seen through material possessions or someone getting a good grade. His love, my friend, is seen on the cross. Seeing his love this way helps us to judge rightly in unfortunate circumstances, who Christ is. Christ is forever good and loving, not because of the circumstances brought before us, he is good because of the cross.

So, in good days: when you get a promotion; when you travel out of the country for a masters degree; when you have a child; when you find the love of your life; when you get married, you name it, God is good, not because of the fortunate circumstances but because he died for you and you are justified. Glory to God.

God is love in good or bad days

Also, on horrible days: when you lose a loved one; when a loved one is ill; when you feel really depressed; during a bad break up, you name it! God is good, regardless of the unfortunate circumstances.

Our Love for Him is a Response

More so, our love for him is dependent on his love for us. Hence, if we say we really love Jesus, we love him for what he did for us (He died for our sins, was buried, and was resurrected for our justification). We do not love Jesus because you won a contract; you love him because he first loved you.

Let us see 1 John 4:19,

“We love because He first loved us”

On this note our ability to love him and to show or share his love around is because of his love demonstrated on the cross. Glory to God.

Our love for him is based on his unconditional love for us. This makes our love for him unconditional as His love is a constant, it never changes.

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Author – Miebi

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