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PreachDigest Prophesies for 2019 Let’s Start the Year in the Light of Christ

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Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year!!!

It’s a new year again. New cycles begin, new adventures, and a whole new set of possibilities. That can be a lot to take in, and we know that, so looking ahead of the year, we’ve decided to give you some direction, a path to follow that would surely give you the best 2019 you could have hoped for…well it’s a combination of prophesies, words of wisdom, and prayers from the preachdigest team. They are powerful words and definitely would stir you in the right direction for 2019. So to all those reading this at this time, happy 2019, looking forward to more growth in our knowledge of Jesus.


1.) As people read our digests, they get saved and are motivated to save others. More people get saved in the year 2019.
2.)Preachdigest and it’s readers are touching more lives with Christ’s truths in areas that are unheard of.
3.) As people read the digest continuously, they continue to grow in their spiritual lives. Both the team, and the readers would experience immense growth in Christ this year.
5.) In the year 2019, we operate based on God’s direction, and we refuse confusion. We will get better at doing God’s will.
6.) In 2019, we write as inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the words are words that would bring healing to many
7.) 2019 is going to be a year of great and unending growth

Those Where a a few prophesies we have for this year, let them sink in a little bit. Pray with them, and probably makes plans around them if you have to. Among those plans, don’t forget to include subscribing and reading preachdigest daily. Now here are a few more.

More Prophesies

💐People read digests this year and experience peace at heart.
💐The gospel of Christ is seen for what it is; as the word is rightly being divided.
💐Peoples minds are being set right, thinking is being corrected
💐People are directed through our posts and digests
💐Through you our readers, PreachDigest would reach a larger audience this year and touch more lives.
💐More people would be stirred up to build ministries centered around the truth of Christ through the ministry of PreachDigest. Glory to Jesus.

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There you have it people, thank you for being with us through this journey, and thank you for joining us for another year. Read those prophesies from our team, pray with them, and anticipate an amazing year. Don’t loose focus this year, let your mind be fixed on Christ, and we are here to help. Subscribe to our notifications, or our daily email newsletters, and let’s make 2019 beautiful, thank you, God bless you and happy New year.

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