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Dont Be Lazy, Work Hard On Your Dreams

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Don’t Be Lazy – Wake up After Your Dreams

Key Scripture

Pro 6:4-Don’t go to sleep or even rest your eyes,

Pro 6:5-but free yourself like a deer running from a hunter, like a bird flying away from a trapper.

Pro 6:6-Go watch the ants, you lazy person. Watch what they do and be wise.

Pro 6:9-How long will you lie there, you lazy person? When will you get up from sleeping?

Pro 6:10-You sleep a little; you take a nap. You fold your hands and lie down to rest.

Pro 6:11-So you will be as poor as if you had been robbed; you will have as little as if you had been held up.

Eccl 11:4-Those who wait for perfect weather will never plant seeds; those who look at every cloud will never harvest crops.

Ecc 11:6-Plant early in the morning, and work until evening, because you don’t know if this or that will succeed. They might both do well.


A day has twenty four hours and we are advised to sleep for about eight hours daily. As much as this is dependent on age and other factors, no one has ever been advised to sleep for the entire day. This means a time to wake up is expected. We even get to spend more hours awake than asleep. Laziness and procrastination gets really addictive, and they are enemies of progress. That is not what God wants for us, as much as rest is good for the physical body and mental state, the time for awakening should not be overlooked and when it comes, it should be adequately used.

There are people who wish for more time in a day, but that’s where prioritizing comes to play. As much as time flies, you are the pilot. This is also were and why we need the Holy Spirit for guidance and discernment so that we do not spend so much time on things we were not supposed to get involved with in the first place.

In all of these, we still have to be deliberate in our actions and pursuit. Spend your time doing the things that set your heart on fire in accordance to the will of God for productivity. If your dreams seem to be taking too long, keep pushing. However, don’t just dream, wake up too.

The truth is, God has provided resources and He is always willing to help, but we have to be able to recognise it and hold on to it, access is key. The time we have been given here on earth is a gift so go out there, chase those dreams, live those dreams. Wake up!


Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of life. Help me to not be lazy about the plans that you have for me. Teach me to obey you and move when you ask me to move. Amen.


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