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Being Faithful Even When Its Not Convenient

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Being Faithful Even When It’s Not Convenient

Key Scripture

2 Timothy 4 : 2 – Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.


These were instructions from Apostle Paul being inspired by the Holy Spirit to Timothy, a young minister. Remember you are a minister too right, we wrote a digest on this a few weeks back be sure to check it out, it’s titled “the ministry of reconciliation, called by Jesus” use the websites search to pull it up. If you’ve already read that, then you can followup with this digest. Yes, you are a minister of the gospel, and there would be times it won’t feel exciting to preach or teach, or disciple…sometimes, it’s different, you may feel so much excitement, and so much joy, and you just want to preach all day. Well the keyword there is “feel”, how you feel per time does not change the message or it’s effectiveness, and should not reduce your desire to keep on preaching it.

Paul acknowledges that it’s not always going to feel convenient, but never the less, the message should still be preached. Sometimes, your emotions would want to get in the mix and make you feel like doing it at that time would be a waste of energy, now this is entirely different from God leading you not to speak in a certain place for some reason, yes that can happen, but most times its not that, but our emotions, and we should learn to even at those times still preach the gospel, because the message doesn’t change and neither would it’s effectiveness.

You can do this well when you decide and practise it. Consciously decide to preach the word no matter what. Let it be at the back of your mind, so that in every situation, you’ll be ready to preach the word.

Something else is addressed in this scripture, we are asked to patiently rebuke and encourage other believer’s with sound doctrine. This shows something really interesting. If you are going to correct someone, it should be with sound doctrine from scripture, it does good to both you and the person being corrected. If you are going to correct someone about a particular issue regarding doctrine, you should know that issue well, and be sound in it, else, it’s better you refrain from speaking about it so as not to cause further confusion. So preach the gospel always and in all situations, and correct when you can but from a stance of knowledge, you’ll be doing good if you do these things, God bless you.


Lord Jesus help me to remain faithful in preaching of the word and encouraging others.

Author – Gem

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