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You Dont Have To Be Modest About Your Place in Christ

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You Don’t Have To Be Modest About Your Place In Christ

Key scriptures

1 Pet 2:9, Col 1:12-14, 21-22, Rom 5:1-2, 15-17


Let me begin with a short story. A kind young man saw another fellow looking really tattered and hungry, he wore really torn clothes and appeared to have been starving for some time. This kind young man felt compassion in his heart for the hungry fellow and gave him all that he had just to make him feel better. Three days later, The young man saw this same fellow still wearing those clothes and looking hungry. With a heavy heart he approached the fellow and asked why he still looked the same way after all that he gave. The fellow answered  and said “I didn’t want others to think I am my new status, I don’t want to seem proud”. What Christ did on the cross meant total justification, such that we have been given right standing with the father as a result of our faith in his finished work (Rom 5:1-2). He’s death on the cross meant total redemption and sanctification, therefore we received salvation by grace which came through Jesus’ sacrifice (Eph 2:8).

We are not pardoned slaves, we are justified sons as a result of our believing in the good news of redemption and accepting Christ as saviour (John1:12). Therefore we have every right to boast not in our abilities because we couldn’t be justified by that, but in all that Christ did for us on the cross (Eph 2:9). So next time when you say you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, say it with all confidence because you are indeed righteous(2 Cor 5:21), next time when the devil tries to make you feel like a sinner when or when you feel compelled to call yourself a sinner because you don’t feel worthy, remind yourself of all that Christ did and the gravity of his finished work and reassure yourself of your place in him which is in heavenly places, a place of honour and total freedom.

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Christ didn’t endure the cross and the shame so you can doubt your place in him, he did so that you may stand boldly and accept your rightful place which is as a son. People will make you feel like you are being extreme about your place in the kingdom, they might even make you feel blasphemous and proud, but let every man be a liar and let the word of God be true. He calls you righteous, holy, blameless, without a single fault or blemish(Col 1:22). Believe it, accept it and walk in it. You have a nature and that nature is pure. you are nothing short of righteous, you are a saint don’t be modest about it. Glory to God.


Thank you Father for all you did for me on the cross…I will declare the goodnews unashamed

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