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Gods Word, the Bible and Human Laws

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Gods Word, the Bible, and Human Laws

Key Scriptures

Ephesians 4:14 – “That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; “

Ephesians 4:15 – ” But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: “

Ephesians 4:16 – “From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.”

Ephesians 4:23 – “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;”

1 Corinthians 2:5 – “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”


There are a lot of theories out there about Christianity, a lot of questions answered using logic as the basis, and many unnecessary controversies about the faith now exist as a result. But the truth is we can understand more about Christ by staying with the word and that goes deeper than human laws.

God should be the source of our understanding, that way we can avoid unnecessary argument and not be easily swayed by random talk because we have a strong and deep understanding of the God we worship. Titus 3:9 says;

“But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain”

Let the word of God be the truth and men liars. We see that in Romans 3:4. The word of God should be our backing. That is why the right interpretation is also important and this is where the knowledge of Christ comes in. The Holy Spirit does not hide from us, He is there to counsel, to teach and to help in our discernment. Assurance in His interpretation in proper study is what gives us a full understanding which is not just based on vain interpretation from men. The Spirit is one and it does not bring confusion. So in everything we hear about Christ, let us go back to the word.

The word is life, the word is truth. Of course, there are men who walk and live in the truth of the word, we can listen to them and learn from them, but we should also be cautious to also make sure it agrees with the truth about Christ. We do not have all the answers and that is why we can never run out of need for an everlasting Father. The word is there for us. We see in 2Timothy 3:16;

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”

That shows the importance of the word. We should stand firm in its power. In its truth. What is your truth? What do you stand firm in?


Dear Lord, thank you for the Holy Spirit, thank you for not giving yourself in pieces but in full. Guide me Lord that I may properly understand and see truth in your word, that I may stand firm in it and not be easily swayed or confused. Amen.

Author- Elisabbath

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