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Noah Was Righteous?

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Noah was Righteous?

Key Scripture

Genesis 6:9 – This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man, the only blameless person living on earth at the time, and he walked in close fellowship with God.


You know, this scripture opens up some awesome truths about righteousness. We see here that Noah was termed as a righteous person way back under the old covenant, in fact it was emphatic in saying that he was the only righteous person on earth at the time, however, the scripture never mentioned what made Noah righteous. The only clue we have is the previous verse which says;

Genesis 6:8 – But Noah found favor with the lord

This means, somehow, Gods favor had a part to play in Noah’s righteousness. Let’s move a little forward to get a clearer picture of what actually happened to Noah.

Hebrews 11:7 – It was by faith that Noah built a large boat to save his family from the flood. He obeyed God, who warned him about things that had never happened before. By his faith Noah condemned the rest of the world, and he received the righteousness that comes by faith

Do you see that, it says Noah received the righteousness that comes by faith. This means there is a righteousness that comes by faith. Noah’s righteousness wasn’t because he did anything special, but simply because he had faith. Faith in what exactly? Well God had promised our patriarchs something which they never received.

Hebrews 11:13,39-40 – All these people died still believing what God had promised them. They did not receive what was promised, but they saw it all from a distance and welcomed it. They agreed that they were foreigners and nomads here on earth.
[39]All these people earned a good reputation because of their faith, yet none of them received all that God had promised.
[40]For God had something better in mind for us, so that they would not reach perfection without us

The promise God made to them which they couldn’t receive, we have received it, the promise had always been Jesus and the salvation He brings. Noah had faith in that promise and was counted righteous. In the same way, when we have faith in Jesus, we are also made righteous.

Romans 4:2-3,5
[2]If his good deeds had made him acceptable to God, he would have had something to boast about. But that was not God’s way.
[3]For the Scriptures tell us, “Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith.”
[5]But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners

Righteousness is not based on performance, but on faith, it’s what the scripture says, if you believe in Jesus then you are righteous, and that’s a fact.


Thank you Lord for your righteousness that I have received. Lead me to always grow in it, amen.

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