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Not Every Believer is a Friend

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Not Every Believer is a Friend

Key Scripture

2 Thessalonians 3:6-7
[6]And now, dear brothers and sisters, we give you this command in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: Stay away from all believers who live idle lives and don’t follow the tradition they received from us.
[7]For you know that you ought to imitate us. We were not idle when we were with you.


Human relationships can be very complex. There are so many people, and so many levels of relationship, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. The way you relate with your boss isn’t the same way you’ll relate with your father, the way you’ll relate with the cashier at the store isn’t the same way you’ll relate with your house help, the way you’ll relate with your friend isn’t the same way you’ll relate with your sister…so you see, there are so many relationships, and as we grow older, we learn how to relate with everyone appropriately, only babies most times don’t tell the difference and relate with everyone the same way.

Our key scripture says that we should stay away from believers who live idle lives, in order words, who don’t have a proper conduct. Now those people are still believers, and by implication still your covenant brothers or sisters in Christ, however relating with them may negatively influence your conduct over time. Staying away from them doesn’t mean that you should avoid them like the plague, but it means that you put them in a level of relationship that makes it impossible for them to influence your character, and this would surely involve speaking with them less. You are not to make them feel unwanted, or make them feel bad, but just deliberately check your relationship with them.

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Such believers are still growing, and most times, our relationship with them is supposed to be a disciple and a teacher relationship. Either way, you should both relate in a manner that would be beneficial to both of you. In the end, that’s what really matters.


Thank you Jesus for the believers around me, teach me to relate with them in accordance with your will, amen.

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