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Don’t Just Hear it Do it

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Don’t Just Hear it, Do it

Key Scripture

Matthew 7:26 – But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand.


Knowledge is really cool to have, but it really is not useful if it is not applied. You can know all the rudiments to building a house, the dimensions, the materials, the best kind of foundation to use, but that won’t get you a house until you actually make an effort to building one.

Knowledge sometimes can be a trap. The Bible speaks about how knowledge puffs up, meaning a person can be so excited at gaining knowledge, and probably even proud without having to ever put it to practise. That’s not Gods way, God wants you to practise those things you learn as you grow daily in Christ. As you read PreachDigest daily for instance, don’t just get excited that you learned something new, or that you now know more, however make efforts to practise what you have read. That’s how you fully benefit from the study.

If you read a digest, and it’s to the end that you pray, then you should pray. If the digest is to the end that you share the gospel with somebody, then you should do it, if it’s to the end that you read your Bible more, then take the initiative and do it, or if it’s to focus on the positive, then take out time daily to meditate on the positives. Doing is an act of wisdom, and the Bible says that God freely gives wisdom. Be a doer, that’s how you see the benefits.


Thank you Lord for your wisdom in me. I am a doer of the word, and I get better as I learn about you daily, amen.

Author – Gem

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