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The New Life in Christ

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The New Life in Christ

Key Scripture

2 Corinthians 5:15 – He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.


A lot of us have searched for purpose, a definition of ourselves, why we were created and what not. We know for some reason that there’s something beyond just school, work, raising a family and all of that but we just can’t place it. I honestly hope you get an answer today.

Our key scripture, tells us explicitly that when we receive the life of Christ, we no longer live for ourselves, instead we live for Christ. To live for Christ we need an understanding of who He is and what He wants, that’s why we’re encouraged to study our bibles because that’s where we get those answers.

Mark 1:14-15 – Later on, John was arrested, Jesus went into Galilee, where he preached God’s Good News. “The time promised by God has come at last!” he announced. “The kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!”

What Christ wanted was for people to change their minds about God and believe the gospel that would get them saved, so He went about preaching God’s good news. He went about showing God’s character of love, reconciling men to God.

Now Christ is no longer on earth in bodily form but in us believers. We’ve been called to do the same, be Christ’s ambassadors, we’ve been given the message of reconciliation. This message is the gospel, the power of God to salvation. So, living for Christ is doing what He wants – getting men saved by the preaching of the gospel. This is what we’ve been called to.

2 Corinthians 5:19-20
[19] For God was in Christ, reconciling we world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And He gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.

[20] So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making His appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God!”

Reading this, some of us have already disqualified ourselves from this commission, but don’t forget that Christ lives in and is working in and through you. You’ve been made an able minister of the gospel (Phil 2:13; 2 Cor 3:6). So from today, live for Christ! Spread his love everywhere you go, tell people the good news about God’s saving grace and be conscious of the fact that this is your purpose and that Christ is working in you!


Lord Jesus, help me to always live for you and show your love everywhere in the gospel message. Amen

Author: Angela

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