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The Never Ending Life

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The Never Ending Life

Key Scripture

John 3:16 – “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life


This is one of the most famous statements from the bible, used on almost every evangelism outreach in the world, it describes Gods goodness in sending His son to die for sin, and the result when any man places faith in God’s son, and in the work He came to accomplish on the earth, which is to set man free from sin. John 3:16 never gets old, but I guess it’s been quoted so many times, it’s value has diminished in the sight of some people. Jesus made a very significant statement there, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. That’s amazing, Christ promises eternal life in this scripture, if we receive anything less of eternal life it would mean that Jesus was lying, but we know He wasn’t, because He did die and rise from the dead like He also said He would.

Christ promised eternal life…and when He speaks of life, we know He isn’t speaking of physical life, but Spiritual life;

Romans 8:11 – The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you

This was the life Christ spoke about, life outside of our bodies, that is life in our Spirits. Our Spirits were dead initially (Ephesians 2:1-5), but now Christ has promised us life in our dead Spirits, and not just any kind of life, a never ending (eternal) life. Read the scripture above again, it also explains that only humans who have this life would eventually live after the death of their mortal bodies. Dead Spirits simply remain dead, and would eventually go to the place were dead Spirits are kept (hell), but Spirit’s that have life would be where living Spirits are kept, and that is wherever God is (heaven), isn’t that just amazing.

There’s a question many people ask though, and it’s if we can lose this life. The truth is, if you can lose this life, then it means it wasn’t eternal in the first place, it means it wasn’t supposed to last forever. The whole idea of eternal life is that you have it, and you are rest assured that when your body dies, your Spirit would still be alive. If you can’t have that assurance while you are alive, then you surely won’t have it while you’re dead. You need to know and be confident in the fact that Jesus died so that you will have eternal life. See what Apostle Peter says about the life we have received:

1 Peter 1:18-19,23-25
[18]For you know that God paid a ransom to save you from the empty life you inherited from your ancestors. And it was not paid with mere gold or silver, which lose their value.
[19]It was the precious blood of Christ, the sinless, spotless Lamb of God.
[23]For you have been born again, but not to a life that will quickly end. Your new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal, living word of God.
[24]As the Scriptures say, “People are like grass; their beauty is like a flower in the field. The grass withers and the flower fades.
[25]But the word of the Lord remains forever.”And that word is the Good News that was preached to you

Be confident in the life you received when you believed the good news of Jesus Christ…the gospel.


Thank you Lord for your eternal life that is in me. I am confident that even when my body dies, my Spirit will be with you forever

Author – Gem

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