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Where to Find Gods Will

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Where to Find Gods Will

Key Scripture

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
[16]Always be joyful.
[17]Never stop praying.
[18]Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.


Someone asked me once, where he could find the will of God for his life. I asked him to check the word, he did and told me that in the word, he couldn’t find Gods present will for him, and then I understood what he meant, he wanted to know what directions to take in life, and how to be sure they fall in line with Gods will.

First off, we are not ruling the word out of it. The word is the number 1 place to find Gods will for your life, and the word is the number 1 place to discover if the direction you are taking is in line with Gods will. Someone could decide to become an armed robber, claiming it’s the direction God has given him, but we know God does not support theft, as it is clearly written in God’s word, so we can be sure the person is definitely not following Gods will, and advice the person accordingly.

However, situations are peculiar to individuals, and those situations you will not find in the word, that’s why God has given us His Spirit. His Spirit leads us and can tell us directions to take in some difficult moments. A very good example is someone who needs a job, but has two offers, one from a tech firm and one from a law firm, both jobs seems awesome, but you know that picking the right one would mean you are walking in accordance with Gods will, and of course would help you make even greater impact, so how can you know which one? because there are no tech or law firms in the bible.

Our key scripture speaks on where we can find Gods will. Verse 17 says, never stop praying, and verse 18 says be thankful. It’s in prayer, that you receive direction from God. When you pray, asking God for His will, He will show it to you, it may be through a vision, or dream, or a witness in your Spirit, but He’ll show you His will. Our key scripture then explains further that in doing these actions, Gods will is revealed, so let’s hold on to and chase after His will in prayers, and in thanks.


Lord Jesus, teach me to always go for your will when making decisions.

Author – Gem

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