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Preach the Gospel No Matter the Circumstance

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Preach the Gospel No Matter the Circumstance

Key Scripture

Philippians 1:12-14
[12]And I want you to know, my dear brothers and sisters, that everything that has happened to me here has helped to spread the Good News.
[13]For everyone here, including the whole palace guard, knows that I am in chains because of Christ.
[14]And because of my imprisonment, most of the believers here have gained confidence and boldly speak God’s message without fear.


This is one of the most inspiring scriptures I’ve seen in the bible. Apostle Paul was in prison and yet still ensured that the gospel of Christ was being preached. This is astonishing, and somewhat of a challenge to every believer.

Before Jesus ascended, He gave instruction that the gospel should be preached to every human creature. He gave the instruction to the disciples, and by extension to us. That’s why as more disciples of Jesus kept emerging, they kept on reaching out to others with the gospel and making more disciples. That’s how the body of Christ expands. I’ve heard people give all manner of excuses as to why they can’t preach the gospel, but in our key scripture, Apostle Paul shows that there really is no excuse. He was in prison and yet still preached the gospel.

In verse 12, of that scripture, he said that his imprisonment helped spread the gospel, that sounded absurd because his imprisonment is supposed to do the opposite. However in the next verse, He explains that everyone including the palace guard know he is in chains because of Jesus, and that his imprisonment gave others boldness to preach. How is that even possible, like I said earlier, his imprisonment should do just the opposite, and scare people away from preaching, but the reason why they kept on preaching is because the saw Paul preach too even while in bonds and it motivated them to do same. That’s how everyone, including the palace guard got to find out he was in jail because of Jesus.

Acts of the Apostles 28:16-17,23
[16]When we arrived in Rome, Paul was permitted to have his own private lodging, though he was guarded by a soldier.
[17]Three days after Paul’s arrival, he called together the local Jewish leaders. He said to them, “Brothers, I was arrested in Jerusalem and handed over to the Roman government, even though I had done nothing against our people or the customs of our ancestors.
[23]So a time was set, and on that day a large number of people came to Paul’s lodging. He explained and testified about the Kingdom of God and tried to persuade them about Jesus from the Scriptures. Using the law of Moses and the books of the prophets, he spoke to them from morning until evening.

All that happened while Paul was under guard, somewhat house arrest, even while there, he still preached the gospel of Christ. We haven’t got an excuse people, let’s preach this gospel and keep on preaching it till it reaches the ends of the earth.


Thank you Jesus for the gift of the gospel. I am bold to preach it no matter the circumstance, amen.

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