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Still Growing

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Still Growing

Key Scripture

1 Corinthians 8:2 – ” Everybody has gone through that phase in their life that they work hard for a particular thing and when they get there, they just relax. I have been there before. However, that comes before you fall.”


That’s exactly what spiritual growth is like: you can never arrive. I honestly wish I could arrive at a point that I know everything in the Bible. I wish I could just rap biblical truths and revelations. Sadly, this is not my reality. I believe it’s no ones reality too. This is because growth is continuous. As time goes on, you realize that the things you thought were so right, turned out to be so wrong. Or you would realize what was an abomination, turned out to be correct. In this growth process you would be un-learning, learning and re-learning.

Just when you think you know everything in the Bible, remember that you are still growing. Even though you have been a believer for 50 years, you are still learning. So stay humble and keep learning. Always remain as inquisitive as a child, you are still learning and growing.


Lord help me and teach me to stay learning.

Author – Miebi

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