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How to be a God Addict

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How to be a God Addict

Key Scripture

John 2:17 – Then his disciples remembered this prophecy from the Scriptures: “Passion for God’s house will consume me.”


Addiction to the wrong thing can be a pain in the ass, trust me I know. The major issue with addiction is that at some point you would want to stop carrying out that activity , but some undeniable pleasure keeps bringing you back, over and over again. Before I continue with with this digest I’ll just say this to all those reading this who may be addicted to one thing or the other…I pray that you are strengthened to break free from that addiction and walk in God’s plan for you. Your issue isn’t that substance or activity, your issue is what to give yourself to. Spend more time focusing on the realities of your Spirit in prayer and study of the word and your addiction would fall like a pack of cards…thank me later.

Imagine being addicted to the right thing though, to the right habits or to the right activity. Well God wants you to be addicted to His will, addicted to His desires for your life and to the execution of them there of. That was Jesus for you, He was addicted to fulfilling God’s will, and even when it seemed like a treacherous challenge He still stuck with Gods plan. Apostle Paul was that way too. He stuck with the plans of God as He had learned from Jesus to do so, and he urged us to do the same.

1 Corinthians 11:1 – And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ

One of the surest ways to find God’s will for you as a believer is to investigate the word. That’s exactly what Jesus did. In our key scripture, He quoted a scripture…He said “my house shall be called a house of prayer”. It means that His actions were based on His knowledge of God’s word. We should be the same way like I said earlier. Let passion for God’s will consume you. Be a God addict….Like every other addiction you start from somewhere before you get hooked, so open that first bible page, spend that first minute praying, it’ll be a launching pad to all you can achieve in Jesus. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, He fuels and enables that addiction so don’t worry you have help from within…tell yourself, I’m a God addict.


Lord Jesus, this year help me to stay in your will. Focused on your work and making strides for you.

Author – Gem

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