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Be Deliberate About God’s Direction (originally posted in 2019)

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Be Deliberate About God’s Direction

Key Scripture

Philippians 2:19 – If the Lord Jesus is willing, I hope to send Timothy to you soon for a visit. Then he can cheer me up by telling me how you are getting along.


There is so much noise around us pointing in different directions…many of these directions are wrong, and the ones we actually get right are apparent guesses that could have ended up negative as well. That’s why the best thing for every believer is to receive direction from God, it’s sure and always ends up putting us in line with Gods will.

To receive Gods direction, you need to be deliberate about it. Let me put it this way, it’s either you are trying to receive direction from God or not. In our key scripture, Apostle Paul said someone very critical, he said if Jesus was willing, he would send Timothy to them. This means that he wasn’t going to take that step until Jesus gave him the go ahead, and that’s how we are supposed to make our decisions so that we are always in God’s will and we are always saved from horrible mistakes.

Let’s see something else that Apostle Paul said:

Philippians 2:24 – And I have confidence from the Lord that I myself will come to see you soon

His confidence was “from the Lord”, why? because he had gotten clear direction from God that he would later be with them. There is confidence that comes with Gods direction, you’re never shaken or in dismay, and besides its the duty of every believer to walk in God’s direction…see what Jesus said:

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John 12:49 – I don’t speak on my own authority. The Father who sent me has commanded me what to say and how to say it

Even Jesus was not walking of His own accord, but as He was directed from above while He was on the earth. It’s a template for every believer to be conscious and deliberate about Gods direction. In patience, pray and God will through your Spirit tell you the next steps to take.


Thank you Lord Jesus for your direction, I focus on it and take my steps in those directions, amen.

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