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AnapauĆ³ – REST

They said i have to live up to your expectations They said I have to get things done at the right time and miss nothing They said I have to keep the fire burning and not let it quench So I started working Trying to please you in anyway that I can And when I feel


LET TRUTH SET YOU FREE I failed my exams again! I got fired at work! The test results say I've got a tumor in my brain My dad's business just crumbled We are living penniless, there's no money God where are you? Are you seeing all this? Why can't you do anything about it? How long are

You Have a Father

I finally went to the carpenter Papa told me will get the work done. He didn't seems like he could do much but from his designs outside, he seemed like he could get the work done. So I went to him and said Sir, I came here because I was


MEETING YOU Our first meeting?...Hmmm Can't really remember But I am sure of one thing and it's that you have always been there You have been watching me closely From when I was born till I was old enough to know between right and wrong You were there during the abuse, maltreatment and the traumas You were