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CHILD MARRIAGE by TIM BJ – PreachDigest poetry

CHILD MARRIAGE by TIM BJ ( Squashed melons! Squeezed oranges! Smashed cherries! Spilt juice! So soon... Way to soon! Soiled innocence... Sudden exposure... Unnecessary pressure... Profound burdens... So soon... Way to soon! Rights turned responsibilities... They... In need of care... Made to care... Foundations being built already carrying structures of increasing magnitude. Suffering! It is... Torture... I see. So little.... So tender... They require TLC- Tender loving Care Yet, at this


Leave me to cry a little while Let the river welcome my tears And the earth bear witness To the moaning of my sorrow Let the dust of the ground Hug me one more time Serve me the bread of sorrow I am hungry and I will eat I have suffered a little while The earth is drunk of

The Holy Spirit – revealed through Christ by timbj

Christ;born of God A child conceived of the Holy Spirit (Matt 1:8) Christ; the one who baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire(Matt 3:11) The Holy Spirit - God's spirit who forgives... The one not to be rejected... Rejecting him is severing all connection with he that forgives (Matt 12:31-32)   The filling of the Holy Spirit,

In Christ nothing good comes to an end

This year was a splendid one for all of us here at PreachDigest. The blog began about three months ago, and has been putting up gospel centered articles, poems, and stories since then, we have had a lot of testimonies; from renewed minds to emotional healing, the journey this year

Be still and know that I am God

As the storm tossed me with each wave To and fro I moved closer to my grave Hopeless I lay as a predator's prey All I could do was hope and pray The days were dark And the nights were dreary My hope faded and I grew weary The devil had left his mark Here I was facing

Put your eyes on Jesus, see Him all the way

You heard I walked upon the sea, Yet you didn't believe. You heard I fed the five thousand, Yet you sat in disbelief. You heard I am the messiah, Yet you asked, "how could this be?" And I rose, like I promised I would. On the third day, Remember? It was so painful Oh! how I carried the heavy cross on

Its Blood Money!!!

Lovers exchange cards with notes of love. He gave us a journal of love that's refreshed daily to eternity... He didn't give rose flowers... After all, he's the rose of Sharon that gave himself up... Humans would get dates mostly before they are married to their partner... But with him, we

We Are Gods Masterpiece

The world itself is a grand masterpiece created by God of us and for us A mix of colour which could only be described as beautiful Each one of us are masterwork fitted together to make a whole A play engineered to continue I see one person, a bright yellow Another, a strong green born

Notes of the King’s daughter–by EDWARD

I love how you twirl my hair with your hands How you whisper to me in languages only both of us understand How you kiss my forehead in reassurance How you take me indoors away from every nuisance How you hold me up in your arms How you sing to me those heavenly psalms How your